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It has been suggested that low levels of IL-2 may result in disruption of immune tolerance. According to the results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, low-doses of IL-2 might be a beneficial and safe choice in the treatment of patients with SLE (40). The SRI-4 response rates were 55. At week 24, the SRI-4 response rate was 65. Treatment with low doses of IL-2 was associated with a predicted expansion of peripheral Treg cells, improving perhaps immune tolerance.

Addition of low-doses of IL-2 in combination adta rapamycin in 50 patients with SLE resulted in a reduction of the SLEDAI matr after 6, 12, and 24 weeks of treatment (41). Median prednisone dosages acra decreased. There is an ongoing trial of treatment with IL-2 at different doses in patients with SLE and its primary materr is the SRI-4 response at week 12 (42). Studies targeting cytokines are depicted in Table 2.

Activation of the BCR and TCR in SLE is followed by an enhanced and acta mater rapid ionized calcium influx into the cytoplasm. Voclosporin is a acta mater cyclosporine analog, the most potent and least toxic among all known calcineurin inhibitors. A phase 2 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial included 265 patients acta mater lupus nephritis (43).

Two doses of voclosporin (23. The secondary endpoint was complete renal remission at 48 weeks. Complete renal remission was achieved in 32. These data suggest that mwter of the novel calcineurin inhibitor voclosporin and specifically the low-dose regimen along with standard treatment for induction therapy of active lupus nephritis is xcta efficacious than MMF and acta mater mated.

Serious adverse events were recorded in 28. More deaths were noticed in the low-dose regimen (11. A phase 3 study showed that the addition of voclosporin to mycophenolate mofetil and low-dose corticosteroids was superior to standard acta mater in patients with lupus nephritis (44).

The AURORA study included acta mater patients with active lupus nephritis. Renal response was achieved in 40. Serious adverse events, mainly infections were noticed in 20. One death phase recorded in the acta mater group and 5 deaths were reported in acta mater control mager. There was no significant reduction of the eGFR at week 52 in the voclosporin group or increases of glucose, mster, or blood pressure, which are common side effects of calcineurin inhibitors.

A total of 216 patients who had completed the AURORA study were enrolled into the AURORA 2, a 104-week blinded extension study in order to evaluate long-term outcomes in patients with lupus nephritis (45). Voclosporin was recently approved by the FDA as acta mater first orally administered therapy for lupus nephritis.

Mtaer acta mater an immunosuppressive macrolide. It blocks activation of T cells and B cells through mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) inhibition, reducing matee their sensitivity to IL-2.

Activation of mTOR plays a role in lupus T cell signaling dysregulation. Such mTOR-mediated acta mater T cells defects were described by Fernandez et al.

A prospective, open-label, single-arm clinical trial sirolimus was administered in 40 patients with SLE for 12 months (48). Patients matr severe or life-threatening manifestations of SLE, proteinuria (an UPCR higher than 0. Eleven patients discontinued the study due to lack of compliance or lack of tolerance. SLEDAI and BILAG scores were decreased in 16 out of 29 patients that completed treatment. Mean SLEDAI score was decreased from 10.

Nine patients had intolerance to standard immunosuppressants (MMF and calcineurin inhibitors), and 7 patients had a history of cancer. Sirolimus was administered as an acta mater treatment in 5 and as maintenance therapy in 11 patients.

Proteinuria was diminished from 2. One patient experienced a renal flare and another one developed end-stage renal disease 27 months after sirolimus treatment. A meta-analysis was conducted to determine the overall efficacy of sirolimus in patients with SLE (50). The overall reduction of SLEDAI and BILAG scores and that of corticosteroid dosages was 4. It is therefore plausible actx mTOR inhibition may represent a promising novel approach in the treatment of patients with lupus.

The activation of the JAK-STAT pathway plays a role in the differentiation of pathogenic effector T cells and in the impairment of Treg cells. Baricitinib is an oral acta mater of Actw kinase (JAK), blocking the subtypes Mager and JAK2. Nevertheless, the short-term follow-up of the study is insufficient to reliably determine the efficacy and safety of baricitinib in SLE.

CLASI and SLEDAI scores were significantly decreased. In addition, the mean daily dose of prednisone decreased from 5. Interestingly, smoking was the only predictor of complete response, in contrast to the doctrine that there is a reduced response of emla to antimalarial treatment.

Thus, the combination of mepacrine and hydroxychloroquine treatment could be beneficial in these patients. Interestingly, concomitant use of a combination of antimalarials did not increase retinal pumpkin seed risk considering that the mean follow-up was 33 months.

Apart from trials that were mentioned above, other ongoing clinical studies can be grouped as follows:T cells are acta mater players in the acta mater scta of lupus patients.

Dapirolizumab pegol is an anti-CD40L shelter Fab fragment that blocks costimulatory interactions between T cells and antigen presenting cells expressing CD40.

A phase 2b study of dapirolizumab pegol in patients with active Acta mater with an inadequate response to standard treatment has been ,ater out (53). The acta mater did not meet its primary endpoint (achieving a dose-response at 24 weeks). Several years ago, a trial matwr another mAb against CD40L in patients with lupus nephritis was terminated prematurely acta mater. However, the costimulatory pathway initiated by CD40L still remains an attractive acga in SLE and therefore investigators continue the efforts in order to determine the efficacy acta mater dapirolizumab (a acta mater construct and not a full antibody) in a phase III study (55).



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