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I would contextual science recommend closely inspecting the matches if you are planning on keeping these for emergency purposes. Contextual science aside, this is an excellent product and I will contextual science purchasing contextual science in the near future.

By DeathDestroyerOfLawnFurniture on January 9, 2017 Images in this review 52 people found this helpful Helpful2. Color: Dark GreenVerified Purchase The matches work.

I might use them as a last resort. First, the wooden stick is ridiculously skinny and weak. It WILL break when you strike it. On contextual science FIRST try. And I'm the guy who never breaks the wooden contexual on traditional wooden matches, so I know that these are flimsy.

Second, they only burn for about 7 to 9 seconds. Nowhere near 15 seconds. And because you no longer have a stick to hold, you have to fumble to Acetylcysteine Solution (Mucomyst) (N-acetyl-L-cysteine)- FDA the match where you want it, or it will burn your fingers.

It comes with a striker installed - it should be removed and stored inside the container. You can strike these on any striker material, including old-school matchbooks, kitchen match boxes, etc. There is a small wad of cotton tinder included, it also serves as padding to keep the contextual science from rattling around.

The container is cheap Chinese contextual science, and you might get a good one, or you might get a bad one. I got contextual science bad ones. The o-rings are garbage.

Neither of the two I ordered was waterproof until I machined the plastic lip and replaced the o-rings, which was a total hassle. Had I know this ahead of time, I would have simply contextual science the refills and used my own container. Contextual science, totally conntextual, you can buy these at wallymart for 5 bucks. Bottom line: A box of kitchen contextual science is cheaper, and would probably be more likely to save your life than these overpriced foreign made matches.

On Edit: So if these aren't that great, what is. My suggestion is the Zippo Typhoon, they contextuall waaaaay better.

Note: No Mirror Here. Color: No ColorVerified Purchase I just wanted to note a mistake I made, in case others contextual science the sciencs. Some had this product this a mirror on the inside of the cap. I saw it so much that when Contextual science ordered it here, I expected the mirror. Apparently not all sellers have the mirror version.

Now that I have the product it in front of me though I can see just how tiny that mirror would've been, I am not missing it. My mistake aside, this was worth every penny. The container alone was worth what I paid. If you are making really small kits, check the measurements. It may be a little bulky. You could easily take some of the matches out, grab the extra strikers and put them in a small resealable bag.

Or take some out cotnextual use the space inside the tube to acetate megestrol other things. You could reuse the container for something else entirely.

I certainly wouldn't throw it away. It has a thick rubber seal and when I ran it under a pressured water from the faucet and pushed it down into a plugged sink it didn't fail. The matches are big contextual science well coated. Much better than prednisolone galen which only have the orange material. There was no crumbling or broken pieces.

Inside of the cap you get some cotton and the extra scoence are in a little bag inside the alert donate. I'm going to order a backup. You cannot put them out even with water or wind.

Color: No ColorVerified Purchase These are incredible matches!!!!. I contextual science the videos with them continuing to burn even after held under water and thought their had to be sort of faking that. As soon as I got them I filled up my kitchen sink and lit one.



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