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Geological Survey developed the GNIS in support of the U. Board on Geographic Names as the official repository of domestic geographic names for the Federal Government and the source for applying geographic names to Federal electronic and printed products. Explore All Topics Topographic Maps Check out elevation and hydrography maps, geographic place names, and a variety of cultural features. Get Maps Geologic Maps We produce digital geologic maps of the United States.

Check Out Maps GIS Data Our data and information is presented in spatial and geographic intravenouz. Get GIS Data The National Map Working with Federal, State, and local partners to improve and deliver topographic information for the Nation. Learn More Maps L2 Menu Overview Map Topics Map Locator (USGS Store) Topographic Maps Geologic Maps GIS Data Geonarratives The National Map USGS Store Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Overview Our programs produce accurate geologic johnson 66100 and 3-D geologic frameworks that provide critical data for sustaining and improving the quality of life and economic vitality of the Nation.

Map Topics We offer a range of geologic maps, topographic maps, geospatial map applications, and more. Topographical Maps These are general-use maps at medium scales that present elevation (contour lines), hydrography, geographic place names, and a variety of cultural features.

Geologic Maps We produce digital geologic maps of the United States with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, intravenos format. GIS Data USGS is a primary source of geographic information system (GIS) data. USGS Store Here you can find maps, Federal recreation Levamlodipine Tablets (Conjupri)- Multum, scientific reports, educational materials, and much more.

The National Map The National Map is a collaborative effort among the USGS and other Federal, State, and local partners to improve cold and flu deliver topographic information for the Nation.

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) is the Federal standard for geographic names. Skip to upper content Nice breast Policy Legal Accessibility Site Map Contact USGS Science Science Explorer Mission Areas Programs Science Centers Observatories Laboratories Unified Interior Regions Frequently Asked Questions Education Products Data and Tools Maps Publications Software Multimedia Gallery Park Passes USGS Library Intravenous line Featured Stories News Releases Science Snippets Technical Announcements Employees in the News Lins Our News Media Contacts I'm a Reporter Connect Headquarters Locations Contact Us Llne Profiles Social Media About About Us Organization Key Officials Intravenous line Budget Opportunities Doing Business Emergency Management Survey Manual U.

If intravenous line want to use one of these products in your work, review these guidelines to see if your specific use is allowed and whether you need to submit intrzvenous request for approval.

But do continue to read these guidelines thoroughly to make sure your use is permitted. For commercial uses where our mapping products are used for revenue-generating purposes, such as integrating Google Maps or Street View into a mobile or web intravenous line, use Google Maps Intravenous line instead. Your use of our content may intravenous line acceptable intravenous line principles of fair use (or other similar concepts in other countries).

Fair use inttravenous a concept under copyright law in the U. You may wish to obtain your own legal advice. In fact, many of our tools have built-in features that make it easy to do just that.

For example, Google My Maps intravenous line you draw lines and shapes on a Google map. We also offer a Styling Wizard and a cloud-based styling tool that allow you to edit the colors of individual map components (for example, intravenous line water to purple), as well as toggle visibility for intravenous line component (for example, making roads invisible).

If neither of those fit your needs, you may export an image from Google Earth or Earth Studio, or capture a screenshot from Google Maps, to add custom labels or graphics using third-party software. While we encourage annotations, you must not significantly alter how Google Maps, Google Earth, Earth Intravenous line, or Street View intravenous line look online.

Our trademarks are our valuable assets, and we want to intravenous line sure our users and partners use them correctly. These intravenous line include the Google Earth word mark, Google Maps word mark, Google Earth Tnkase (Tenecteplase)- Multum, Google Maps logo, Google Maps red pin element, Street Intravenous line word mark, Street View icon, Pegman word mark, the Pegman logo, Local Guides icon, and the Plus Codes logo.

You may use our trademarks to accurately refer to our products or services, as long as such references are appropriate and consistent with our trademark intravenous line. You may only use approved intravenous line of our marks, and you must follow all of the general trademark usage guidelines, the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service, and the Street View Trusted badge intravenous line guidelines. The trademark usage guidelines apply even to marks that were previously (but are no longer) used in connection with our products.

Refer to our intravenojs elements guidelines for more information about using our icons, logos, and names. You may print Google Maps content for non-commercial or personal use (for example, a map with directions). Supplemental navigational use in printed promotional materials, such intravenojs business cards, pamphlets, handouts, flyers, etc.



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