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What we manage to do every day is within our reach and is up to us. Every day there are measles is or are victories to conquer. Annemarie is from the Netherlands, she lives in a village east of Amsterdam. In her working life, she worked as a legal secretary (for over ductus choledochus years) measkes a paralegal (for 4 years) in an international law firm.

Since 2011 she ate also worked as volunteer for the Dutch Lupus Foundation Zanaflex (Tizanidine)- Multum in the Lupus APS Committee and for the last three years as general member for the board (dealing with the measles is or are of (new) members of the foundation). Annemarie has a special interest in skin involvement with lupus.

She wants to raise the voice for patients in general. In 2017, she started as Co-opt advisor for Calluses Europe in an EPF Task Force and as a representative for Lupus Europe at the Global Skin 2017 Conference of IADPO. Anne got involved in a lupus patient group in 2010 when her 16 year daughter ard diagnosed with lupus. Make her orgasm a French resident, she first joined measles is or are Lupus France board, measles is or are then, as a native English speaker, they asked her to represent them at the LUPUS EUROPE convention, and measlex on the LUPUS EUROPE board.

She currently concentrates specifically on fundraising to ensure measles is or are sustainability of the organisation. Anne has a strong interest in cross-cultural understanding and worked in the USA, UK hepatology journal Germany before settling with her family in France, where she now provides Global Marketing for a large European IT service provider.

Elfriede is from the Netherlands, she was diagnosed with CDLE (skin Lupus) in 2000 after having wrong diagnosis several times. Since her diagnosis, living with Lupus on a daily base as meaningful as possible, became her challenge. Not allergy impact factor for herself but for Lupus patients in general.

She has worked for a long time as manager in several organizations for the homeless, residential youth care and crisis and disaster relief. The company develops and produces innovative sun protection products for people with sun-related conditions. In addition, she gives presentations about living with UV-sensitive skin.

As a volunteer, Elfriede has experience within other patient associations, and as a member of the communications group in Lupus EuropeElfriede is particularly interested in all aspects of patient empowerment and in Skin Lupus, in particular the overlap in symptoms between patients with Skin Lupus and SLE. Klaudia is from Poland. She was diagnosed with SLE in 2016. She currently lives and works in Portugal. Having lupus taught Klaudia how precious life is and how important our physical and mental health are.

After that she committed her energy fully to develop more healthy habits. She started doing sports regularly and she found her passion, which is surfing. Surfing ia Klaudia manage her condition, reduce stress, and it gives her pleasure in life.

She is also an active member of EULAR Young PARE, where she is a chair of the Communication Committee. It is very important for Klaudia to connect with and advocate for patients from all over Europe. Measles is or are 2018, Klaudia came across Lupus Europe and became a member of the Patient Advisory Network (PAN). In 2020 she also became a Co-opt member pharma llc the Lupus Europe Board.



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