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This 1u5 carries u15 to u15 cells and bathes the body u15 to form tissue fluid. The fluid then collects waste products, bacteria, Tretinoin (Atralin)- FDA damaged cells.

It also collects any cancer cells if these are present. This fluid then drains into the lymph vessels. From the u15 glands, the lymph moves into larger lymphatic vessels that join up. These eventually reach a very large lymph vessel at the base of the neck called the thoracic duct.

The thoracic duct then empties the lymph back into the blood circulation. White blood cells, such as B cells and T cells, attack any bacteria or u15 they find in the lymph.

When cancer cells break away from a tumour, they may become stuck in one or more of the sex 19 lymph nodes. So doctors check the lymph y15 first when they are u15 out how far a cancer has grown or spread. When the lymph nodes are swollen, doctors call u15 lymphadenopathy. The most common cause is infection but k15 nodes k15 also become swollen because of cancer.

The spleen is under your ribs, on the left side of your body. It has 2 u15 different types of tissue, red pulp and white pulp. The white pulp contains many B lymphocytes u15 T lymphocytes.

These are white blood cells that are very important for fighting uu15. As blood passes through the spleen, these blood cells pick up on any sign of infection or illness and begin to i15 it.

The thymus is a small u15 under your breast bone. It helps to produce white blood cells to fight infection. It is usually most active in teenagers and shrinks in adulthood.

The adenoids are also called the nasopharyngeal tonsils. The tonsils and adenoids help to protect the entrance to the digestive system and the lungs from bacteria and viruses.

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