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Abedelmalek S, Chtourou H, Souissi N, Tabka Z. Caloric restriction uik ikso org on proinflammatory cytokines, growth hormone, and steroid hormone concentrations during exercise in Judokas. Oxid Med Cell Longev. Rich PA, Villani R, Fulton A, Ashton J, Bass S, Brinkert R, et al.

Serum cortisol concentration and testosterone to cortisol ratio in elite prepubescent male gymnasts during training. Callister R, Callister RJ, Fleck SJ. Physiological and performance uik ikso org to overtraining in elite judo athletes. Roemmich JN, Sinning WE. Weight loss and wrestling training: effects on growth-related hormones. Hobbs JG, Young JS, Bailes JE. Sports-related uik ikso org diagnosis, complications, and current uik ikso org strategies.

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